Warp Glass Fiber Composite Geotextiles

Warp glass fiber composite geotextiles is based on (or synthetic) as reinforcing material, non-woven staple acupuncture with a new composite made of geotextile material.

Warp knitted compound different from woven geotextile. Its greatest feature is the intersection of warp and weft bend, each in a flat state. Bundled cable with both tightly and evenly fully synchronized external force, stress distribution, and materials when the applied force tearing the instantaneous, initial cracks along the yarn will be owned set to increase tear strength.

Warp knitted compound, that is bound by line by the warp, weft and acupuncture staple fiber geotextile layer repeatedly walk through, so that became one of the three series. Thus both the warp composite geotextiles with high tensile strength, low elongation characteristics, and both the performance of acupuncture nonwovens. Therefore, Warp is a composite geotextile reinforcement can be used for enhanced isolation protection, and has a three-dimensional integral method to gather and have good water levels, different role of water. Showed a solid matrix and pores because of its continuous phase, a porous filter effect, is a versatile geotextile composites. It is today a high level of application of the international geotechnical composite substrate.

High tensile strength, low elongation, vertical and horizontal deformation of the uniform, tear strength, excellent wear resistance, high permeability, filter and strong.

The main function of geotextile composite prepared:
---- Reinforcement, drainage, filtration, protection, isolation
(1) reinforced solid role: to make the role of the local stress transfer in the soil or assigned to a larger area, the stability limit prolonged use of geotechnical engineering in the process of deformation, settlement.
(2) isolation effect: The geotextile geotextiles of different structural materials to form a stable isolate the interface, so that it can play according to their design characteristics and the overall effect.
(3) The protective effect: geotextiles have very good puncture resistance, and they have good protection.
(4) the role of water filtration: geotextile allows water through but block the loss of sand particles will be suspended with a geotextile placed across the channel the flow of liquids to prevent fine soil particles, and allows the liquid through the function.

---- 1, with the retaining wall, road slope, reservoir dam, cofferdam, tunnels, drains the filter protection.
---- 2, with the slope in the road, embankment, parapet wall on the back of mountains and hillside roads, railway ballast lower, between the highway roadbed and road surface drainage.
---- 3, used in the construction cofferdam, pier, breakwater isolation of soft soil and rocks, and the landfill site at the end of impervious layer in isolation, landfill and garbage between the filter isolation, asphalt pavement and subgrade of isolation and enhanced.
---- 4, used in road and railway layered reinforced slope drainage, drainage backfill reinforced embankment and dams.
---- 5, with artificial lakes, rivers, reservoirs and other seepage control and protection of impervious layer.
---- 6, used in landscape planting and greening projects growing grass-roots level of isolation.
---- 7, with the drainage in the soft ground, reinforced subgrade bearing capacity enhancement.