Geotextile Film

Products features: The composiste geofilm is an anti—seepage composite for civil work use composed of plastic material and non-woven fabric.Its anti-seepage performance mainly depends on the anti-seepage performance of the plastic film. Anti-seepage plastic films used in the world today mainly include pvc and PE ,both being a macrolecular chemical material with low specific gravity and good elongation to allow greater deformation .

They are also characterized by good resistance to corrosion,low temperature and freeze.Due to its water repellence,the plastic film blocks the waer seepage channel in the embankment;meanwhile,with a higher tensile strength and elongation,it resists water pressure and adapts to embankment deformation.On the other hand,the non-woven fabric itself is a macromolecular chemical stample fibre that assumes a high tensile and elongation through needle punching or heat bonding.When combined with plastic film ,the non-woven fabric not only significantly improves the tensile strength and anti-seepage performance of the plastic film ,but also increases the friction over contact area,resulting in a more stable composite geofilm and protective layer.Meanwhile,the composite geotextile has fairly good resistance to bacterial and chemical reaction ,including corrosion from acid,alkaline and salt.

Main applications :
Suitable for seepage prevention in river banks,tunnels,ditches and reservoirs,anti-pollution provision in metallurgical and chemical industry ,and construction ,transportation and environment protection projects.

PE film thickness range:0.2mm-0.8mm.
Product specs:breadth 4m-6m;weigth 300g/m2-2400g/m2.
Product types:1 fabric & 1film ,2 fabric & 1film.