Non-woven Geotextile

Non-woven Geotextiles are made from 100% staple polyester and polypropylene needle-punched filter fabric. They have excellent waterflow rates and drainage for the filtration of soil fines. Non-woven Geotextiles have a variety of uses, some of which include trench drains and wrapping perforated pipe to protect against erosion and being combined with geomembranes to provide protective cushioning. Other uses include tensile reinforcement, filtration, and separation for roads, roofs, railroads, ponds, dams, trenches, landfills, protection for shoreline and membrane liners, sub-grade stabilization, erosion control, and many other civil engineering and construction uses. This product is resistant to tears and punctures, soil chemicals, UV rays, mildew, and freeze thaw.


Features & benefits
■Excellent water flow properties for drainage and other applications
■Cost-effective solutions with low initial cost
■Proven and highly predictable performance
■Long-lasting performance
■Easy installation
■Immediate strength in buried applications