HDPE Geofilm

HDPE geofilm is a new anti-seepage and anticorrosion materrial widely sued in different projects where anti-seepage and anticorrosion are required.The geofilm uses premium HDPE virgin resin as the primary material and is made though a 3-layer co-extrusion process to include 97.5% HDPE,corca 2.5% carbon black,trace antioxidant and heat stablilizing agent, anti-aging material and UV absorbent,but free from other additives,stuffing or exapanding agent.The virgin PE resin is designed and prepared spercially for flexible anti-seepage applications.Field test by specialists show the HDPE anti-seepage film meets or exceeds GRIGm12 standard in all performance indexes.

The product is suitable for use in:
Environment protection and hygienic projects(such as domestic refuse landfill,sewage treatment,toxic material treatment plant,hazardous goods warehouse,industrial waste,construction waste and explosion waste)
Water conservancy projects(such as anti-seepage,anti-seepage and reinforcement of river bank,lake dike and reservoir dam;anti-seepage of ditch,vertical inner wall and slope protection)
Urban infrastructure(anti-seepage provision for expressway,subway and underground works,roof water tank and roof garden;lining for sewage pipe)
Gardening(bottom lining and slope protection for oil tanks in chemical plant,oil refinery and gas station;lining material for chemical reaction tank,immersion tank,ash yard,dissolving tank,precipitation tank, stack yard and tailings)
Transportation facility(reinforcement of road foundation and anti-seepage provision for culvert)
Agricultuer(anti-seepage provision for reservoir,potable water tank,pond and irrigation system)

Aguaculture(lining,anti-seepage,anti-corrosion,anti-leak,reinforcement,and seepage water collection for fish pond,shirmp pond and other facility).