Polyester Fiber Cloth

Polyester fiber cracking (referred to as fiberglass or polyester fabric, polyester fiber cloth) is a mixture of fiberglass and polyester, which incorporates a unique combination of advantages of glass fiber and polyester fiber - glass fiber Polyester fiber strength and flexibility. It is formed by absorbing asphalt, a structural layer, a waterproof and decay of the physical properties of heat-resistant and has a low coefficient of expansion, toughness, and no long-term creep resistance, ease of construction; asphalt layer with significantly improved the composite of The low-temperature cracking resistance, fatigue resistance, anti-reflective properties, thus extending the life of the road.

1, Anti-permeability
Fiberglass polyester and polyester non-woven glass fiber manufacturing, can withstand high temperatures of asphalt mixtures modified construction of the road that will provide a high-temperature stability of the continuous deformation of the waterproof layer, to effectively prevent water infiltration, To avoid water penetration caused by damage to pavement and grass-roots.
2. Preventing and delaying reflective cracking
Fiberglass polyester has low elongation and instantaneous tensile strength, can effectively clear the road junction or cracks at the stress concentration and reduce the expansion cracks in the pavement and up the reflection and delayed reflection cracks to extend the road Service life, greatly reducing the cost of road maintenance.
3, Completely crushed for road recycling
Fiberglass polyester material properties of the decision itself that it can be crushed and recycled use.
1, the new reconstruction and road widening works.
2, the old cement concrete pavement asphalt surface.
3, the asphalt road surface crack repair, the old asphalt road maintenance.
4, semi-rigid base repair shrinkage cracks.