Glass fiber chopped strand mat is an alkali or alkali glass fiber non-woven mat products, the continuous glass fiber strand by a short cut to 50 mm length, non-uniform distribution of directional manner, and with a polyester adhesive powder Caking agent (or latex binder) are made. The product has good compatibility with resin (saturated with good, easy deaeration, resin consumption less), easy construction (even good, easy-to-cladding layer, and mold compound paste is good), high wet strength retention, product Laminates good transparency and low cost. For a variety of hand lay-up FRP products such as sheet metal, light plate, hull, Bath, the cooling tower, anti-corrosion materials, vehicles, also applies to the continuous glass sheet tile unit.

By the 'E' glass, chopped and formed by the emulsion adhesive bonding of glass fiber mat, suitable for hand lay-up used in unsaturated polyester resin.

Resin impregnated fast review mode is good, easy to remove air bubbles.
Uniform distribution of fibers and binder, no hairiness, stains debris and other defects.
Products have high mechanical strength, high wet strength retention.
With a high dry tensile strength, tear production process to reduce the phenomenon.
Laminate surface is smooth, good light transmission.
Uniform thickness, no stains debris and other defects
Hardness, easy to completely soaked, small bubbles products
Speed ​​quickly soaked, good technology, fiber and good resistance to erosion
With good filling and cover mode, applicable to the molding of complex shape
Good mechanical properties


Product shall be placed in a dry cool place, should not, do not open the covering membrane until applying mouth, so as not to damp