Fiberglass Composite Geotextile

Fiberglass composite geotextile has high tensile strength, less elongation, higher water permeability, high filtration resistance and wear resistance.

Fiberglass Composite Geotextile Application:
This kind of composite geotextile fabrics are for highway, railway, water conservancy, airport, port, wasteland reclamation, landfill, municipal construction and other projects, with protection, isolation, filtering, stiffeners, seepage, drainage and other Function.
Also for highways, railways, airports and other road enhancements, for the old road surface (asphalt, cement concrete pavement) the maintenance, widening and so on.

Features and Performance:
Geotextile geogrid composite with glass fiber or high-strength polyester fibers and nonwoven fabric made ​​by weaving or bonding through from the new composite geotextile material, an organic combination of geogrid and geotextile both excellent performance.

1, high tensile strength, low elongation
2, high elastic modulus, temperature resistance
3, high water permeability
4. tear-resistant, anti-decoherence, long life

1, the current fiberglass composite geotextiles used in the production of synthetic fiber mainly nylon, polyester, polypropylene, Polyethylene, they all have strong anti-buried, corrosion-resistant properties.
2, fiberglass composite permeable geotextile material, and therefore have a very good filter isolation
3, as the substrate due to structural fluffy non-woven geotextile, with good drainage properties
4, fiberglass composite geotextiles have very good puncture resistance, and they have good protection performance
5, glass fiber composite geotextiles have very good coefficient of friction and tensile strength properties with Geogrid