Plastic Geogrid

Plastic Geogrid is drilling a hole in the polymer board, by cold-drawn, the shape with large holes(long hole or square hole) of the high strength reinforcement material. According to customer demand, could composite geotextile or other material.

Unidirection-elongation plastic geogrid
The unidirection-elongation geogrid is a uniform-holed mesh from macromolecular polymer and subjected to elongation.This process enables the macromolecules to be in a directional and linear state,and assumes an elliptical integral structure with even distribution of macromolecules and high –strength nodes.This structure tends to have a considerable tensile strength and elongation  modulus(elongation at 2% to 5%)that exceeds international standards.This provides soil with and idea interlocking system for load capacity and dispersion on the soil.The product has a tensile strength of over 150Mpa,hence is suitable for all types of soil and is now wildely used as reinforcement material.

The unidirectional-elongation geogrid is a high-strength composite material for civil works,and widely used in dikes,dams,tunnels,jetties,roads,railway and buildings

Main applications:
Road bed reinforcement-it can effectively allocate and disperse load,improve the stability and load capacity of road bed and extend the useful lfe of road
It can be withstand greater alternating load
It can prevent road bed deformation and breakage caused by loss of road bed material
By increasing the self-load bearing capacity of backfill behind the retaining wall,it can reduce the load on retaining wall,save cost,extend its useful life and lower maintenance cost.
Combined with slope maintenance using shotcrete,it can not only save cost by 30% to 50% but also shorten construction duration by half
By adding geogrid in the road bed and bass course,it can reduce curve settlement,lessen traffic tracks,delay the occurrence of cracks by 3 to 9 times the normal period and reduce the thickness of structural course by 36%
It is suitable for all types of soil and all material is available locally

It is convenient in application and may significantly reduce construction cost.

Unidirection-elongation plastic geogrid
Item Unit Product series
Width m 1.0 2.0 2.5
Yield per linear metre at elongation KN/m≥ 25 35 50 80 110 150 170 200
Yield elongation %≤ 10%
Tensile strength at 2% elongation KN/m≥ 7 10 12 20 32 48 64 85
Tensile strength at 5% elongation KN/m≥ 14 20 28 48 64 90 120 145